The association that helps to talk 

Acts in the accompaniment of the victims of sexual violence,

helps to talk from the firsts words to the complaint and afterwards.

An initiative of Sandrine Rousseau

"It was a misadventure to tell. So I made a book of it.
The title is "Parler" (means
talk or speak).

As soon as the narrative was finished,

I encountered the evidence and necessity

of concrete engagement to help women to talk about it.
Now that
Parler is in the bookstores,

Parler will also be an organization

to help sexual assaults victims to talk"

Sandrine Rousseau, author of the book & president of the organization Parler

September 2017

This narrative describes the progress of a woman who complains for sexual harassment against a notable

- with the pressure that this may imply - from speaking up, to tomorrow.

 The book begins with frank anger, then gradually evolves into calmer days, different prisms, changed horizon, to arrive at an encouragement to women to speak, as the hard but necessary antidote.


Parler organization 

acts concretely via appointments called "les rendez-vous

reception for victimes of sexual assault or harassment, 

between september and june in 5 cities in France*

An appointment given to women who wish to talk about this subject,

to women who feel alone faced with the difficult course that to speak obliges to assume.
They will be welcomed by women who share this same experience
and decided to help at the service of girlfriends.
Anonymity is possible.

& acts on ideas via partnerships 

every year around march 8th* and november 25th**


* speaking and exchange groups 

** Journée Internationale des Droits des Femmes

*** Journée Internationale Contre les Violences faites aux Femmes

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in tribute to the English Black Dot Campaign 


to make the black dot sign known in France

a sign to help victims of domestic violence under influence



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