Les rendez-vous

the Parler association exists for : 
Women who are assaulted and who need to talk about it.
Women who are tempted to file a complaint, but are afraid to go, especially alone.
Women who are tempted to file a complaint, and who wish to inquire before.
They will not be obliged to disclose their identity.
They will be welcomed by volunteers of the association, all former victims.

Between january and june 2018, in several cities of France,
the association will offer 3 appointments to women who wish it.

(The list of appointments - dates & cities - will be published at the end of November)

It is an apartment in the city center, a volume, a warm space where one feels good to several. Separate spaces allow simultaneous discussions. A restoration is planned.

Whether it is to recommend a lawyer, to advise the competent associations, or to share a common experience, the Rendez-Vous will be, above all, a friendly and warm one.

Here we will find someone to be accompanied to the police hearing, there a person who has lived far worse and who succeeds everything in his life ... a sharing of experiences.

In 2018, 15 meetings will take place in 5 cities of France between January and June.

The list of cities, places and dates will be revealed on November 25, 2017 on the internet site of the organization.

partenaires :

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